SENTINEL® (milbemycin oxime/lufenuron) FLAVOR TABS®

SENTINEL® (milbemycin oxime/lufenuron)

Protect your dog from the inside out.

SENTINEL FLAVOR TABS given once a month protects your dog all year-round from:

SENTINEL FLAVOR TABS can be given to dogs as young as 4 weeks and 2 lbs and is available in 4 sizes so you get the right dose for your dog’s weight.

Product Chart

Chews shown are not actual size.

SENTINEL FLAVOR TABS protect your dog from a wide range of parasites, including fleas and whipworms, 2 common parasites that HEARTGARD® Plus Chews don't treat.

heart guard
† Prevents flea eggs from hatching; does not treat adult fleas.
* A. caninum.
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