Flea life cycle

The life cycle of a flea.

Fleas develop in 4 stages:

Where there’s one flea, there could be hundreds
more waiting to hatch.

Fleas on a dog are only the tip of the iceberg. Only 5% of fleas are adults, the other 95% are eggs and immature fleas living in the environment. Most of the flea population can be found in a dog’s favorite resting spots—the carpet, the couch, the bed.1 And once they’re in, they’re hard to kick out.

Most of the flea population is not on the dog—
it’s in the environment where the dog lives.

Flea Pyramid

Adult fleas lay new eggs, the eggs hatch into maggot-like larvae, and the problem gets bigger and bigger.

Eggs hatch into maggot-like larvae in 2-4 days, crawling into bedding, furniture, carpet, and floorboards.

A female flea can lay 50 eggs every day—as many as 2,000 eggs in her 2–3-month lifetime.

Flea larvae burrow deep into your carpet and fabric where they continue to mature.

By the time you see 1 flea, you could already have spent months living with an infestation.

Stop fleas before they become adults.


1. Dryden M, MacDonald J, Hnilica K, et al. 2005 Guidelines: flea control on dogs and cats. Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications; 2005.